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The Secrets to Defending Against Disruption
What is it about established businesses that fosters continuous innovation and helps them defend against the constant barrage of technological disruption? That’s what Crowd Companies Founder Jeremiah Owyang investigated, and what he found to be the biggest obstacles to innovation, the best ways to restructure for innovation, and the key metrics with which to measure success are all laid out in his newest report, “The Corporate Innovation Imperative: How Large Corporations Avoid Disruption by Strengthening Their Ecosystem.” Read more in the FIR Podcast Network interview here.

Adobe Redesigns Creativity for the Cloud
From revolutionary font technology to visionary photo software, innovative document formats and much more, Adobe has redesigned the future of creativity and productivity over the decades. And fresh off its “tech-industry-first” software-as-a-service innovations, the multinational firm that Fast Company ranked No. 35 among the World’s Most Innovative Companies this year is aiming to further redesign cloud-based intelligence with new innovations in AI and virtual reality. Read more about Adobe’s Fast Company accolade here.

Drones Are Taking Over the Tech Conversation
The technological development of drones is taking off even as rules and regulations scramble to catch up, and regardless of what shape and size they come in, these drones are headed straight for the retail and logistics industry. When drones show up at your door with food, gadgets, or goods, they’ll change the face of delivery forever. Check out Crowd Companies’ compilation of 10 delivery drones and bots currently leading the way toward the Autonomous World of the future. It’s on the Crowd Companies blog here.

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