The 10 Routes to Corporate Innovation


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Know the 10 forms of Corporate Innovation
Under pressure from nimble startups and fast-moving disrupters, larger corporations are trying just about anything they can to foster groundbreaking innovations and outside-the-box ideas that can keep up with the market trends. Having observed these efforts first-hand from some of the best teams out there, Crowd Companies recently identified and detailed 10 different types of corporate innovation programs. From in-house departments to outposts and accelerators to acquisitions, there are success stories to be had and a good fit to be found. Check out the research on Founder Jeremiah Owyang’s blog.

Consolidation: Ride-Sharing Heavyweights Sort Out the Global Market
Strategies among the global ride-sharing elite continue to navigate sharp twists and turns as they race for a greater share of the road. With news of Uber calling off its fight for China and selling assets there to Didi Chuxing comes a reinvigorated rush to the streets of India, where Uber will rev up its activities while Didi focuses on its home territory. The Didi-Uber deal complicates a previous alliance between Didi and India’s predominant ride-sharing company, Ola. More growing pains are sure to come as the industry continues to consolidate and mature. Read more about the implications of Uber shifting its crosshairs to India on VentureBeat.

Caution Washes Over Intrigue After Bitcoin Hack
The curiosity and intrigue surrounding bitcoin, the new digital currency making waves in the financial world in recent years, was recently tempered with a dose of reality when hackers stole $70 million worth of bitcoins from Bitfinex accounts in Hong Kong. The development is one to watch, as the Bitfinex exchange has set an interesting precedent by siphoning 36% out of all customers’ accounts in order to compensate for the loss. Account holders will receive a new token in place of their losses, which Bitfinex hopes to someday redeem. The news comes as a warning of bitcoin’s instability, even as its popularity continues to grow. Learn more about the hack on TechCrunch.

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