Crowd Companies™ offers members insight from industry experts and the opportunity to “council-source” ideas and feedback from peers. We get together on interactive calls twice a month and offer in-person summits twice a year. We also put together smaller, issue-specific salons and gather at various industry events, such as SXSW.

2017 Event Calendar

CES, Private Member Dinner

January 5, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

SXSW Private Member Breakfast

March 11, 2017 | Austin, Texas
Escape the South by Southwest scene for a few hours to interact and mingle with Council members over a breakfast discussion at Trio in the Four Seasons Hotel; registration is required. Digital has and will continue to change the way we conduct our personal and business interactions. Let’s gather to discuss and share interesting trends and insights among our innovative peers.

Private Member Dinner

March 30, 2017 | South San Francisco, CA
Salon Dinner and Tour | Johnson & Johnson Innovation/JLABS | South San Francisco, CA

European Summit

April 26, 2017 | Philips HQ, Amsterdam
Join us for the first member meeting of 2017, hosted by Philips in Amsterdam! Council members will interact with fellow pioneers of global innovation and discuss disruptive business models like blockchain, the Collaborative Economy, and the Autonomous World. Crowd Companies will provide members with analysis related to the member-driven Q1 research topic, blockchain. Council members can expect to learn from each other as case studies and best practices are shared in thought-provoking discussions. After our meeting, we will host a member dinner to allow more peer interaction and engagement. Day 2 will feature local innovation tours to expand insight and educate on the unknown.

Spring Summit

June 15, 2017 | AARP HQ, Washington, DC
AARP will host Crowd Companies for the Spring Summit in Washington, D.C. It's here that Council members will have the opportunity to learn and share about group topics of interest. We will look to glean insights from AARP on how it is engaging and winning its customer base. Discussion will center around the Collaborative Economy and how business and consumer engagement has progressed. Additionally, while we are in the regulatory capital of the United States, we will be sure to discuss autonomous driving, including the social and corporate implications. The Council will also be treated to local innovation tours on a separate day.

The Main Event

September 14 & 15, 2017 | Wells Fargo, SF
This is the flagship Crowd Companies event of the year. We head back to Silicon Valley to investigate and update you on trends and business drivers covered in the Council. Special guest speakers will highlight the agenda, along with members ready to showcase how they have progressed with various business model disruptions. Innovation tours and a member gathering round out this intensive 1.5-day program.

Example council topics include:

  • What is driving this movement, and what impacts does the movement have on society, sustainability and stakeholders?
  • How does a model of sharing impact models of consumption?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of local commerce in neighborhoods?
  • What are the benefits and risks of Crowdfunding and Co-Innovation?
  • How can we tap new business models such as on-demand, subscription, and marketplaces?
  • How can global manufacturers partner with the Maker Movement?
  • How will the Collaborative Economy change the workplace and the workforce?
  • How do mobile sensors and the Internet of Things enable these new models?
  • How will 3D printing impact design, manufacturing, supply chain, and more?

Past Events: 2016

Member Dinner and Salon: Future of Mobility

January 21, 2016 | Silicon Valley
This evening event will showcase the updated Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 3.0, outlining the growth opportunities in the market. Council members will connect around the theme of autonomous and networked vehicles, with speakers expected from BMW, Stanford Mobility Lab, and invited speakers include Tim O’Reilly. We’ll also introduce 2016 goals over a dinner at a premiere San Francisco location.

SXSW Brunch Member Panel and Social

March 12, 2016 | Austin, Texas
Hear from a panel of brands who are deploying in the Collaborative Economy, learning how they’ve advanced innovation internally while connecting customers to new crowd-based business models. This social event will enable mingling over brunch from 10am-1pm. Current Crowd Companies members and potential members from large corporations are welcome to attend.

Spring Summit: Co-innovation for your Brand

April 28, 2016, with optional evening tour April 27 | Hallmark HQ, Kansas City, Missouri
At our 1.5 day Spring Summit, learn from industry experts, meet startups, and hear case studies from members on how they partner with the crowd for co-innovation of new products within the Maker Movement, integrate startups into the supply chain and manufacturing processes, improve customer service, and more. Kansas City is quickly becoming the hotbed of the Maker community, and we’ll take a tour of one of the city’s premiere Maker spaces the evening of April 27.

European Summit: The Global Collaborative Economy

June 21-22, 2016 | BMW HQ, Munich, Germany
Join Crowd Companies at our second event in Europe, hosted by our member, BMW. The event will focus on the growth of the Collaborative Economy in Europe, bringing together European leaders from large companies and rising startups. You’ll learn from best-in-class examples globally, as well as local-specific strategies and trends for the European market. The event will wrap up with a tour of BMW’s amazing headquarters and museum.

The Main Event

October 25-26, 2016 | New York City | MasterCard Innovation Center
The Main Event is our must-attend event, held this year in the heart of NYC, a city bursting with Collaborative Economy innovation. This two-day summit welcomes Crowd Companies members on a tour of MasterCard's Innovation Center. There, you’ll hear from industry thought leaders, TED speakers, startup executives, and fellow council members about how to plan, deploy, and manage programs within the Collaborative Economy. More details coming soon on content and speakers.

Other - TBD

Other events under consideration

Past Events: 2015

January - SF Bay Area, CA

Member Dinner
This evening event showcases the updated Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2, outlining the growth opportunities in the market, as well as introduces 2015 goals, and connects members within the council.

March - Austin, TX

SXSW Meetup, “The Early Adopters”
Learn from the early adopters --Verizon, Hallmark, and Whole Foods -- on how they’ve advanced innovation internally and connected to customers using new crowd-based business models.

May - Disney World, Orlando, FL

Spring Summit, “Crowd Innovation Strategies”
At our two-day summit, learn from industry experts, meet startups and hear case studies from members on how they partner with the crowd for Co-Innovation of new products, integrate startups into the supply chain, and more.

June - Swisscom, Bern, Switzerland

European Salon
Join Crowd Companies at our first event in Europe, bringing together European leaders from large companies and Collaborative Economy startups, hosted by our founding member, Swisscom.

July - Whole Foods, Austin, TX

Future of Food and Hospitality
The crowd is turning their homes into hotels, home kitchens into restaurants, and delivering food on-demand via apps. What business models are required in this future? Join hospitality, consumer packaged goods, appliance, and other brands at the headquarters of Whole Foods, a Crowd Companies founding member.

October - SF Bay Area, CA

The Main Event, Oct 6-7
A two-day event based in the hometown of many sharing and on-demand startups. More details to be shared soon.

Past Events: 2014

May - Autodesk, SF

Member Summit

July - Adobe, SF Bay Area

Member Salon Dinner

October - Polycom Experience Center, NYC

Two-Day Member Summit


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