Member Spotlight: Hallmark

Hallmark Extends Legacy of Creativity With Artisans and “DIY” Culture
Hallmark is engaging the crowd, both internally and externally, to drive connection and innovation.

Hallmark is a family-run, privately held business that aims to create more meaningful connections between people through products (such as Hallmark Cards and Crayola products), places (such as Hallmark Gold Crown Stores), and media (such as The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Hall of Fame movies). Founded in 1910 by a creative teenager selling cards out of shoeboxes, Hallmark works to build continuously on this legacy of creativity, connection and innovation. Hallmark’s current goals include:

  1. Deliver products and services that people value
  2. Make the most of the latest platforms and tools related to individual creative expression
  3. Elevate the specialty retail experience

Second Annual Maker FairSolution
With these goals in mind, Hallmark has engaged both its employees and its customers in hands-on creativity, building on the best of today’s Maker movement. Recent events have included:

Maker Fair – Hallmark held a two-day innovation event for employees, welcoming all participants to submit ideas for the business. The concepts ranged from low-tech to high tech, from extensions of existing products to completely new ideas. The event resulted in at least five new products taken to market from the company’s “non-creative” employees.

Hallmarket – Now in its fifth year, the company’s Hallmarket art fair encourages Hallmark employees to display and sell their own arts and crafts to the community in Kansas City, where the company is headquartered. Hallmarket has featured art, jewelry, ceramics, quilts, photography and other arts and crafts.

DIY integration across the portfolioHallmark has featured Kiwi Crates and Brit & Co kits to help customers learn how to create and assemble around the Hallmark Brand. Anyone can make. In addition, Hallmark has featured Brit & Co founder Brit Morin on the Hallmark Channel.

Re:Make – Hallmark teamed with Brit & Co for this conference and festival to celebrate Makers and handmade things.

Hallmark Re:make 2014Lessons Learned

  • Great ideas can – and do – come from anywhere: Companies can benefit from seeking inspiration and innovation from employees in “unlikely” departments, by working with established Maker experts and by partnering with customers.
  • Making builds community: Engaging people through making – whether generating ideas or creating items by hand – creates community both offline and online.
  • Always be authentic with the crowd: Today’s Maker movement and DIY revolution feel fresh and contemporary, but relate authentically to the iconic Hallmark brand.


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